The next Classical Music Hackathon will take place at M.I.T. (Cambridge, Mass. USA) on 21-23 October 2016.


Bavarian Radio reports on the Hack Day

A report by Antonia Bruns

Panel discussion "Musical high culture and high tech"

Pictures from the Hack Day  -
(Thanks Thomas Bonte!)

The Idea...

    Computer scientists, musicians, and everyone interested in bringing music and technology together, can come together in Munich at the Ludwig Maximilian University to get to know each other, exchange ideas, and work over two days (24 hours) on a project.


    • New insights into the History of Music
    • Computer performance on Steinway pianos
    • Humans and Computers: Performing Together
    • Digital Mashups of Music Scores and Recordings
    • New insights into Orchestral Rehearsal
    • Music Search Online: Crawling and Analyzing Music on the Internet with distributed Systems (e.g. AWS)


    27. July - LMU Institut für Informatik -

            13:30      The doors are opening (Foyer B 080)

            14:00 Welcome


            14:15 Talks

    Vladimir Viro         

    Educating computers about music

    Michael Cuthbert  

    Digital Musicology

    5:15       Project pitches

            16:00       Drinks, buffet, mingling                          Hacking, programming together,

                 working on projects

            18:30       Dinner
            22:00 Doors are closing

    28. July    - LMU Institut für Informatik -

            09:00      Hacking

            12:00 Lunch

    - move to Steinway-Haus -

            15:00 Preparations

            16:00 Demos

                            - Presenting the results of the Hack Day

            16:45 Prize Awards   

                            - Projects prizes awarded by sponsors


            17:00 Panel Discussion

                            - “Musikalische Hochkultur und Hochtechnologie” -- 

    "Musical high culture and high technology"


        • Dr. Wolf-Dieter Seiffert, Henle Verlag
        • Philipp Avramov, Steinway
        • Prof. Michael Cuthbert, MIT, USA (in English)
        • Vladimir Viro, LMU München
                            Moderator: Dr. Matthias Röder, Eliette und Herbert von Karajan Institut, Salzburg

            18:00 Concert - Seda Röder (Piano)

            19:00 Drinks

    How to get there

        on Saturday and Sunday morning at

    Insitut für Informatik der LMU

        and on Sunday afternoon in

    Steinway-Haus München


    • A software-controllable Steinway Grand Piano
    • Bleeding-edge research results
    • Prizes from sponsors
    • Collaboration between Computer Scientists and Musicians
    • Concert by the renowned pianist Seda Röder
    • Topics for Bachelor's und Master's Thesis at LMU and TU
    • Possibility of long-term collaboration partners, including with music and technology at MIT




    Vladimir Viro, LMU
    Michael Scott Cuthbert, MIT

    Program Committee:

    Vladimir Viro (LMU), Michael Scott Cuthbert (MIT),
    Niklas Klügel (TUM), Henri Palleis (LMU)

    Prizes (so far)

        The first 50 registered participants get
       $50 Amazon Web Services Certificates

    The Big Prize by Amazon

    Valuable Facsimile by Henle Verlag

    Dinners, Lunches, etc. included
    (first 80 participants)